Egyptian Scenery WIP 1

Step by step process building an egyptian scenery using a 1euro store candle holder

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Egyptian Scenery

Some Egyptian scenery pieces for Chaos in Cairo games, on the next days I will post some WIP photos

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Chinese Pirates

A pack of Wargames Foundry Chinese Pirates ready to serve some evil mastermind

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Chaos in Chairo Mummy Warband 4. Soldier Mummy and Objective tokens

The Soldier Mummy are miniatures from Reaper, the Nefsokar Tomb Guards.
The scenario objective tokens are old Citadel scenery except the obelisk from RAFM, Miskatonic University Expedition to Egypt blister.

Those where the latest additions to the Mummy Warband, that’s how the whole warband looks.

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Mordheim Skaven Warband 3. Eshin Sorcerer

The warband sorcerer is a scratchbuild miniature using an assortement of plastic pieces from the mordheim and skaven sprues, the spear has been converted into a sorcerer staff, and lots of greenstuff added to make the clothes look like a kind of tunic.

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Halfling Blood Bowl team

I’m proud to introduce you the SpringRolls, a tireless looser Halfling team.
The halfling miniatures are the citadel ones, with some minor conversion like the hockey mask for starplayer Jason, or the missed throwing teammate marker.
Treemen is not  a Citadel model, i don’t remember where is from, if you recognize the manufacturer please leave a comment and i will update the post.
The Coach and the Halfling Supporters (Fan Factor) are assorted halfling villagers from warhammer range.

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Warhammer Giant Goblin

Why not a hubersized mushroomtransgenic Giant Goblin for a Goblin army? here it is.
The base is the old Marauder/citadel Giant, the head is a GW promotional keyring and other bits came from assorted plastic sprues and the newest warhammer giant.

That’s the look of the original Marauder Giant

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Chaos in Chairo Mummy Warband 3. Royal Mummy

Time to work on the the Mummy Warband leader, a Reaper Nefsokar Mummy Warlord with small conversion to play CiC, Royal Mummies may not use weapons of any kind, so the sword was replaced by a cobra. Part of the cobra is from the Reaper Magical Pet sprue, the rest is greenstuff sculpt.

The original miniature from Reaper

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Blood Bowl Thrud

Old Citadel Thrud model conversion to make him play as a Blood Bowl StarPlayer, the original axe was removed and replaced with a greenstuff BB ball.

Pict of the original Citadel model

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Mordheim Skaven Warband 3. Black Skaven

“Black Skaven are the most powerful figthers of Clan Eshin, black furred killers trained in the martial arts of their clan. In Mordheim they excel at ambushing and assassinating man-things” Mordheim rulebook page 94
To get that ninja look these ones are equipped with Fighting Claws and Throwing Stars

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