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Desert Dungeon Tiles

Since a long time I’m looking for a small set of dungeon tiles. The main goal is to use them for pulp Egypt games, but should work also for Arabian fantasy games like D&D Al-Qadim. I wanted something looking like … Continue reading

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“Saving Prof. Le Tuce” a Chaos in Cairo game

The well-known occultist Professor Le Tuce is lost in the desert, a band of friend archaeologist feels that something bad is going to happen, and goes deep into the desert to try find Le Tuce. That “something bad” is the … Continue reading

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Egyptian Scenery WIP 1

Step by step process building an egyptian scenery using a 1euro store candle holder

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Chinese Pirates

A pack of Wargames Foundry Chinese Pirates ready to serve some evil mastermind

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Chaos in Cairo Mummy Warband 2. High Priest Mummy

Conversion to improve the High Priest magical flavour. Cut the canopic jar, add a wire covered with greenstuff, some plastic heads and a couple of canopic jars for the base. it’s a Reaper miniature, the Warlord Nefsokar Cleric, the canopic … Continue reading

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Mask of Nyarlatotep Victims

These are the character miniatures we  use when playing the CoC campaing  Mask of Nyarlatotep, from left to right big game hunter Safari Jack, the psychic detective Rivers, gumshoe Lebowski, the highly skilled Lt. Powell, and antropologist Prof. Osborne. models … Continue reading

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