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D&D Monsters

Some beauties of the old Dungeons  Dragons metal range from Wizards of the coast. The Carrions Crawler and the Displacer Beast, this range f miniatures had some really great sculpt, in fact WoC used many as base for the plastic … Continue reading

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Tapjar and other DCC baddies

We are playing some DCC scenarios, DCC (Dungeon Crawl Classics) is a new game with an old soul. It has a charming retro flavor from the old school D&D, but it goes further than other retro-clones. If you are in … Continue reading

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Fairy Meat miniatures

Some Fairy Meat miniatures from Kenzer Co.

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Desert Dungeon Tiles

Since a long time I’m looking for a small set of dungeon tiles. The main goal is to use them for pulp Egypt games, but should work also for Arabian fantasy games like D&D Al-Qadim. I wanted something looking like … Continue reading

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Ancient Rome harbour

200B.C. Roman harbour in Cartago Nova area. Scale models at Arqua Museum

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The imaginarium of Doctor Drachenfels

Drachenfels. The Great Enchanter. A devil in human form, who cheated Death for centuries unknown; a man with appetites so base they lay beneath sanitation; a necromancer, torturer of the dead, dismemberer of spirits; a vileness made flesh; a wizard, … Continue reading

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the Ghost, the Specter, the Swashbuckler and the Halfling

Some undead bad guys vs two heroes

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Khorne is coming

some recent khorne devotion, a few 90’s bloodletters and some Deathgalleys  

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“Saving Prof. Le Tuce” a Chaos in Cairo game

The well-known occultist Professor Le Tuce is lost in the desert, a band of friend archaeologist feels that something bad is going to happen, and goes deep into the desert to try find Le Tuce. That “something bad” is the … Continue reading

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Egyptian Scenery WIP 2

Builded using an archaelogical toy, a plaster dust pyramid keeping inside an egyptian  plastic model. I bought a couple on 1euro store. I keep one to make a small pyramid, and I broke the other one to get this Horus … Continue reading

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